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Simple messages that help the heart…

Say what you wish about social media.  Say it is distracting, or privacy threatening, or that Facebook “friends” are not like real friends.  Yes, this is true, I get the downsides of over-connectedness.

Today though, I discovered a huge positive of social media, Facebook in particular.  The degree of the good sensations surprised me.  The 2-6 word messages lit up my profile page. Seriously, from now on, when the notice of a friend’s birthday pops up in the right column, I am going to take the 5 seconds needed to send a birthday greeting. In fact, I just did.

And perhaps because of my outspokenness on nutritional indiscretions, many of these very simple, but highly appreciated messages encouraged me to indulge in processed white flour or dairy fat.

Yes, it is true that I am advocate for healthy living through good food choices, but birthdays are indeed an exception, a mulligan of sorts.

It is the middle of the week, and it was cyclocross night, so the celebration was a bit spartan.  Like my favorite grumpy guy, Henry David might have had, in his cabin in the woods.

Thank you, friends.

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Happy Birthday! Are those Hostess or TastyKake cupcakes? The downside to living on the west coast is the absence of TastyKake. At least you've paired them with a healthy fat.

I allow myself two of those little heart bombs of deliciousness once a year – and that's on day two of a 200 mile ride we do. And you're right, that's one label a person should not read.

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