To connect or not…

In the discovery of social media, I am still an intern, not yet even a year has passed since the first day of knowing this new world of connectivity.

The cabin in the woods has no internet.  Tsali, otherwise known as mountain bike heaven, does not even have cell phone service, at least for us patrons of the company in Cupertino.

So as the time approaches–vacation time–the question of staying connected looms large.

The ‘lodge’ in the gorge has WiFi, I am informed. The teens will bring their silver computers.  But should I?

“Did you see the email?”

“No, I haven’t looked.”

Whether it was the mountains, the tall trees, the pancakes, the groggy mornings, the campfires into the night, the thriller novel, or the company of family, it is hard to say. But there was no inclination to open the silver box or tap the tapable phone.  Not even a glimpse of the stat-o-meter.  Really.

Atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, heart block and surely obesity will be there when the morning brings the regular routine again.

A take home message?  There is always a take home message.  

There are many ways to decrease inflammation.  Need another?  Take a vacation and keep the silver box closed.

Just don’t fall down there…

900 feet above Fontana Lake from the “Left loop” overlook

See you next year Tsali…I hope.