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Cycling Wed: Recognizing chapter breaks in life…

What was, is not always what is.

Things change.

This is true in cycling as it is in medicine.

Seeing such change takes some observational skill.

Looking back on life (‘retrospectively’ is how we term it in the medical world), it is easy to identify such chapter breaks.  Far more challenging, though, is to note the moment of change as it happens in real time.

When our eyes met we both grinned in unison. The feeling of his hand touching mine lingers with me, longer than I would have guessed.   Parents ache for such joy from their children.  And at such triumphant moments we yearn for the ‘pause’ button.

A new chapter in a bike racers life surely begins when this…

and this,

feels far better than this.

That’s a check for forty dollars!

First a player, then a player-coach, and soon, just a coach.



(Thanks to L.VH for the photos.)

3 replies on “Cycling Wed: Recognizing chapter breaks in life…”

Well put. I thought that after my ablation I would return to racing at a level and quantity higher than before. To date I have logged well over 2000 miles for the year and have done a total of 1 race, 1 charity ride and turned down countless other opportunities to compete. I have however enjoyed much time with my son and wife both on and off the bike.

Mor often than not, I see more compelling reasons to not have children the to have children. It's something I struggle with constantly. It is seeing things like this that make me believe that being a father is one of the greatest joys in life and make me want to have children of my own.

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