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Even the AHA fails to master the obvious…

AHA is now endorsing a video-game, for 1.5 million dollars.  Shocking.

On this nonsense one has to write fast.  Dr Wes is in. CardioBrief is in. Even GMA whacked the AHA.

It took 900 words for the AHA to explain their position. Hint: in medicine, long notes usually imply a shaky thesis. A central argument in their position is that Americans are so sedentary, even some jostling around on a proprietary video game is better than the couch.

Then, an AHA’s doctor said the AHA logo is not for sale, but yet Nintendo antes up 1.5 million. Hmm?

We have a Wii fit.  It’s fun, and sometimes you might sweat a bit.  But shouldn’t the AHA know that what works for heart health is a sustainable “program,” for life.  Shouldn’t they aggressively endorse things like bike lanes, PE everyday in school, a nationwide trans-fats ban and common sense.

As a cardiologist, bike racer, former cross-country coach and advocate for healthy living, I almost wordless in my dismay at the AHA’s failure to master the obvious.

We bloggers try.  Really we do try to keep cynicism at bay. Stories such as these make this task a challenge.