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Snow days…

These days of uncharacteristic winter have created much angst for the many who dwell in a southern state and have southern feelings about snow.   For the busy electrophysiologist who lives 5k from the hospital and grew up in New England, the snow provides an intermission from the race -a time out.

All in the office are awash in available time.  Time to spend with the patients who brave the snow, time to do “action tags” or computer tasks and time to call other doctors and not fall behind.  Even working in a patient with a problem is easy.

Ah, if only real life was like a snow day.  It makes one think of the concierge doctor who reaches up and simply slows the speed of the treadmill and creates a snow day every day.

From a hard-working helper: “when do you want me to work these new consults in?  There really are no openings for weeks.”

Hope for snow.

Or else, turn the treadmill speed up a bit.