Health Care

Exhaust is bad for you. Go figure…

Sometimes I wonder about putting mind-numbing, boring and trivial words out into the internet world.

It must be a very slow news day in New York, or the reporter must have friends in high places to get a story published in the Times on how vehicle exhaust may be linked to respiratory illness or heart problems.  Surprise!

Is it really news that breathing the combustion of hydrocarbons is detrimental to one’s health?  This is similar to seeing an overweight, diabetic, smoker having chest pain and EKG abnormalities and waiting an hour for blood work before confirming the diagnosis of heart attack.  The Health Effects Institute culled a series of studies to come up with this obvious conclusion.  One wonders what the researchers were thinking they would find -that it was safe to live next to a major highway?

As an apprentice of words it is encouraging that such obviousness is worthy of publication in the NY Times.