My first Post

Why do I have a blog. Dunno. FB status updates are not enough space? Maybe I won’t have time, who knows.

I figure I will write about medical matters, bike matters, kid issues and random other stuff, who knows.

Start with weekend rides. We ride expensive mountain bikes 1 hour on the road to the trailhead; then 90 min on trails, then one hour back home. Freak accident on road portion. A front wheel exploded off the rim but the tube did not break. 3 guys crashed, not me, a carbon bike frame broke and lots of road rash ensued. The trails at Waverly were fun. I have no idea how some can corner so much faster?

Sundays road ride was fun. 4 hours of steady to hard rotating paceline work through rolling eastern Jefferson County. A thought about riding with strong riders who may drop you…Don’t pull through the line wasting energy until you are confident that you can hang on. Another gem: Be ready to go after the store stop so you don’t waste energy chasing back on.
Going to a cook-out. Croquet, corn-hole, refreshments and fun.
Mayors Hike and Bike tomorrow.
No medicine this weekend, hopefully.