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The mayors “Hike and Bike”

This year I tried to get Will to consider going mountain biking at Brown County. No way, H and B is a tradition for us every Memorial/Labor day. Thousands of people ride. Will and his team Red Zone cycling get to start in front. That’s pretty cool. A call up of sorts. Here is a pic from this year.
It’s not a race, just a ride. Those under 15 years old do not get this concept. Nonetheless, other than a “little crash” on really slick pavement the ride is fun. The course is out and back so on the way back to town you get to the see the steady stream of bikers going out. An impressive site it is to see that many folks on bikes.
We have always done this with the family (minus Catherine–sad). Years past we took the trailer, then tandem, now on single bikes. Heck, we averaged 20 mph for 45 min of riding. Will and Staci on my wheel. The train gets longer as the ride goes on. Eventually, we had a dozen or so riders with us. Cool seeing Terry Sullivan, an old friend I met through “Pizza Doug.”
Louisville is far from a bike friendly town, but on Memorial and Labor Day we get closer. Riding with family and friends on closed roads with thousands others is hard to beat.
My take home message today was enjoy time on the bike with family. Time seems to passing fast. Will’s take home is rain, wet roads and then sun make for REALLY slippery conditions. Don’t squeeze those brakes too hard.