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Friends…Not so over rated. Inside the Calistoga Garden

Friends…I once told Catherine while she was in high school that you do not want too many friends as they will drag you down. This morning our team, Calistoga Racing rode with our sponsor Papa John at the Norton Ride for Cancer. A team ride doesn’t seem very interesting, true, but injuries and life have kept us apart this past year. Not all were there, but it was sure nice to be together for the morning, with lots of buds.

People make good writing topics. My buds are often misunderstood so I thought I would lay out some fun facts. Inside the Postal Bus was a book written a few years back on the Lance’s US Postal Cycling team. Consider this story: “Inside the Calistoga Garden.”

Bob: Nicknamed “Captain.” or lately “Brokeback.” Always has been captain, ride leader and boss. Rev Stone labels him “Bobro.” That makes me grin. I don’t know why except it works when he leads. Maybe it’s the Navy training, maybe it’s the blood type O, maybe it was the J-Town skate rink training, but if Bob says ride into the Ohio, many will. Probably me.

Fun facts: Bob can eat faster than anyone. Go to McD’s and he will put French fries on the cheeseburger and eat all at once.

I almost beat him once.

Not racing this year because of disc issues. How did cross guru and local tough bike racer dude hurt his back: bending over in Starbucks. Really. Having to call your wife to come get you at the coffee shop??

Want to approach Bob? Ask him about his garden.

Erik: Nicknamed “Flower.” Erik was heard commenting during a morning ride on the “pretty flowers.” Since then, hard man, bike racer dude, Erik has been dubbed Flower; sometimes “Flower Power.” Erik is super quiet and shy but is hard core on the bike.

Fun Facts: Erik made a great choice in women. He is married to Rachel, AKA, Daisy. The blog doesn’t have enough mega-bytes to discuss Rachel, maybe a whole topic. Suffice it to say, Rachel is a full 5 stars. A real live hottie. That’s not Rachel in above picture.

Want to approach Erik? Ask him to coach you. He will give you training secrets, unless of course you get to close to him in a cross race.

Stewart: Nicknamed “Splinter” for obvious reasons. Stewart started the team as a teenager. He has been drinking the kool-aid for many years. That may explain his Mussolini-like approach to leading cross rides.

Fun facts: Has a baby on the way and is not racing this year. We see him jogging, or is that running in the park.

Want to approach Splinter? Ask him how to become a CEO, or tell him you are rich and want to buy a really expensive condo.

Steve: Nicknamed “Power-Kraut.” Oh my, where do I start? In physics we learn about watts: a measure of power. Steve is a human watt generating machine. You are behind him and thinking this isn’t so bad, then 10 min later you are still behind thinking this suffering has to stop soon.

Fun facts: Friendly is Steve. What a grin?

Steve is a musician.

Night owl.

John at the Orange Inn (Laguna) always remembers Steve.

Want to approach Steve? Ask him anything?

Glenn: Nicknamed “Homey.” Do not worry, Glenn, my blog is backed up and security protected. When I walk out to my car each morning and see those arborvitaes I think of Glenn. Since Bob and Glenn were gardeners, I thought I should try. The arborvitaes planted with Glenn’s assistance were the alpha and omega of gardening for me. Of course, my discs are ok.

Fun facts: Before his broke back, Glenn holds the Moser record of 3:52. Anyone think you are riding good go over to Moser knob and start the watch at the yellow sign at the bottom and see what it says at the top– unlikely to be 3:52.

Amazing garden, like Bob.

Terabytes of memory.

Want to approach Glenn? Ask him about the Microsoft IPO, or flowers or “The Road.”

Mike: Nicknamed “Pickle.” The consummate sand bagger. “I haven’t ridden, I am sick, I am fat.” Then, kaboom, he drills you out. Again, physics come into play: Riding behind a rider creates a draft and thus requires less power. Ride behind Mike and the turbulence makes it harder.

Fun facts: Another guy who made a great choice in women. Les is a super biker, super mom/mini-vanner and is owner of a beautiful grin.

Mike loves to arrive early for stuff.

Super organized.

Keep life simple-don’t complicate things. Jack Russells are easy dogs to care for.

Want to approach Mike? Tell him you have a 100 dollar seat post for sale for 5 dollars.

Bill: Nicknamed “Doctor Bill.” A huge heart is Bill. Get hurt and Bill is there for you. Best part is he knows how to help. A strong man is Bill. Crashes that would have killed some of the aforementioned barely hurt Bill. Did California mountain bike training camp with broken ribs and vertebrae.

Fun facts: Bill loves clean bikes.

Never late to rides.

Kudo’s to Anne and Bill on building a strong CC team at Sacred Heart. That takes time and effort. Nice.

Want to approach Bill? Ask him about MTB tires or healthcare reform.

Robbie: Nicknamed “Old man.” Not really, that is just what I call him. Robbie is an American hero. He doesn’t talk much about his service so I won’t. Suffice it to say, I am proud to be on the same team.

Fun Facts: Robbie is a tireless worker for others. Why? I don’t know, but he does sooooo much and asks for nothing in return.

When, I first came to Louisville in 1996, Robbie was el patron of the pancake-Eminence ride. Come to think of it, that ride changed my life, but that’s another topic.

Want to approach Robbie? Thank him for all he does for the cross community.

Scott: Nicknamed “Dumb-doc.” Ah, that’s just JT’s name. Scott is no dummy. He is newer than I to this cycling thing. Like an intern and resident there is so much too learn about cycling culture. Like at the end of Officer and Gentlemen, when R. Gere comes back to the base and sees the drill sergeants are yelling the same exact thing, Scott comes along shortly after I finish my indoctrination.

Fun Facts Picture Scott on his first ever MTB ride doing Waverly with us on a brand new carbon fiber bike. Think of JT’s monologue on that one. Grin.

Thick skin is Scott. All those years of team sports serve one well.

Laser like focus in accomplishing tasks is Scott.

Want to approach Scott: Ask him about his first MTB rides.

John: Nicknamed “Cat.” Gotta keep it short because no one likes a self absorbed author. Cat: As many know, I have balance issues. I seem to hit things, including the ground, too often. One MTB ride after a near miss at high speed someone commented that was a close one. I state that I used my “cat-like” reflexes. That stuck.

Fun facts: I am happy for good buds.

Staci!!! Wow, I am lucky.

Catherine: A blog entry waiting to happen.

Will: You all know Will.

Happy to have health—knock on wood.

Want to approach me? Ask me about sponsored links for my blog.

JT: Nicknamed “JT” Another strong man. Where do I start? Doesn’t matter too much what I say because JT doesn’t read blogs or Face book. A misunderstood man. A good friend is JT. As friends go JT is top of the heap. Riding in California and my brake is rubbing. Each time we stop, I am fussing with it. He sees the angst in my expressions and without me asking says “let me see that, dumb doc.” Voila, the brake is fixed and I feel like final exams are done. Why brakes rubbing could create so much angst is another topic.

Fun facts: Think turtles. The coolest turtle pond.

Amazing backyard garden

The best party host.

Laugh until your stomach muscles hurt.

Want to approach JT: That’s a hard one. First off, don’t take yourself to seriously. I might need help on this one.


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My fav line "how to approach Mike, tell him you have a 100 dollar seatpost for sale for 5 dollars". I almost peed my pants reading that!!

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