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CW: More bad news for the (extreme) endurance exerciser

Dear Endurance Athletes, Accept an apology in advance. You have endured so much from me. Sorry. Let’s at least start by agreeing that I can’t control the data. Yes, you guessed it. There is unfortunately more bad news pertaining to the deleterious effects of endurance exercise on the human heart. Again, I am sorry. Maybe […]

Cycling Wed Healthy Living inflammation

CW: Is the Ironman triathlon heart-healthy?

Before I even start, let me say this to my triathlete friends… I really like you all. And…I am sorry for how I feel about your sport’s pinnacle, the Ironman triathlon. But I was poked into writing this post. When asked the question of whether the Ironman is safe for the middle-aged heart, what was […]

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Do I exercise too much?

They have the look.  Their faces are chiseled; the cheekbones are easily visible because the body is devoid of fat.  Their eyes speak fatigue. They are not refugees. Have they been stricken with a calorie-eating tapeworm? No. They are middle-aged physicians conversing in the doctors lounge.  I see them pulling up their scrub bottoms to […]