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I present interesting cases to colleagues often.  Because it is educational and good for patient care, and because I like to.  But it has been many years since I was mandated to present a case. It seems that I am not the only doctor exasperated by this pesky new barrier to patient care: “doctors-in-cubicles.” An old […]

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The man on the other line sits in a cubicle in a far-away city. He is a physician, another “provider,” as we are called on their website.  The accent is British (how ironic), and his voice suggests to a trained observer, he is older. All I wanted to do was a simple stress test with […]

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The reality of rationing complex procedures, like AF ablation…

Medical prowess has exploded in the past decade.  The toolbox of therapeutic options has grown so large that often times, the most challenging aspect of patient care is in matching the right tool to the right patient.  There is no better example than the expanding capability to ablate atrial fibrillation. Now that I can successfully […]