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More news on dabigatran (Pradaxa)

Almost everything about the new blood-thinning drug, dabigatran (Pradaxa) is novel. In February, I wrote about the drug’s unusually short (thirty-day) expiration time. This week, the FDA has released a new communication concerning dabigatran. It included practical safety tips for patients, pharmacists and doctors, and is nicely summarized by Larry Husten, on Cardiobrief. Here are […]

Atrial fibrillation Dabigatran/Rivaroxaban/Apixaban General Medicine

Pradaxa may expire after thirty days

There was important news concerning the short shelf-life of the novel new blood-thinner, dabigatran (Pradaxa) reported today. Once dispensed, most medicines expire after a year.  Dabigatran, however, is far from the usual pill.  It’s packaged in pellet form within a capsule. These pellets are highly susceptible to water and humidity.  So when dispensed in a […]

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Denied. Are you serious? I’m a real doctor.

The experiment took thirty-three minutes and forty-one seconds.   That’s about the time it takes to see a new heart-rhythm patient or implant a defibrillator. I was just curious. I wanted to dip my toes into the icy waters which so many primary care doctors have already acclimated to. A denial?  Are they kidding, that medicine […]