The LifeVest — How much bubble wrap is too much…for LIfe?

Some facts: No caregiver wants his or her patient to die needlessly. Sudden cardiac death remains the number one killer of humans. The arrhythmia that causes sudden death occurs unpredictably. One minute you are fine and the next you are–in the absence of a shock–dead. When cardiac arrest occurs outside a hospital, or say, a […]

Doctoring ICD/Pacemaker Knowledge

The beeping shocker vest: The antithesis of common sense…

Unfortunately, there are therapies in medical practice which become worse than the disease they are intended to treat.  Us heart specialists are not immune from these transformative therapies. Even dumber than the ineffective rhythm drug that comes highly recommended by academia, is the LifeVest: a wearable automatic shock collar for people. He was in his […]