Health Care Reform ICD/Pacemaker

A new ‘message’ on expensive medical devices: The ICD as an example

Nearly six months have passed since “emergency” meetings were called. Gosh, if I had a dollar for every emergency meeting. It’s amazing how looking back at these crises makes our angst seem silly. Like many things medical, time and deep breaths have a way of sorting things out. The latest heart-rhythm crisis centered on the […]

Health Care Reform ICD/Pacemaker Knowledge Reflection

Impending ICD oversight may not be a bad thing…

At the risk of exposing my naivete, or being too much like the geeky student who sits in the front of the classroom, I can’t help but welcome the upcoming policing of cardiac device implants.   As recently written by Dr Wes, government policing agencies, the DOJ and RAC folks, are planning to focus on […]

Doctoring ICD/Pacemaker

Shocking revelations…

Defibrillators (ICDs) are in the news today.  Few medical treatments are more misunderstood, both by doctors and patients, than the ICD. It was a huge observational study presented today in Denver at the annual HRS (Heart Rhythm Society) meeting.  In 88,804 ICD patients from 2500 centers, researchers studied how ICD programming related to inappropriate shocks.  They concluded: (translation […]