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Fixing the heart rhythm is but just one chapter…

The heart’s resilience and fixability is striking.  That is, compared to the frailty of other components of the birthday-ravaged body.  We cardiologists are advantaged by the attention heart disease garners in the minds of patients.  We get priority over the polyp, or the bulging disc. But should we? He is an older man living a […]

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In today’s medical world, is it possible to die of old age?

He is 93 and has numerous medical problems, most of which involved aging blood vessels, as well as multiple orthopedic issues, including compression fractures and diffuse arthritis. The bony issues have resulted in a severely compromised mobility of late. Despite ongoing treatment with both aspirin and clopidogrel, he presents after numerous hours of focal neurologic […]

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Clues to longevity. More obviousness…

To live long, there are many guidelines and much to avoid.  There is now published data suggesting boredom is a risk for an earlier death. One who is engaged in health reads the litany of things that are detrimental to our existence, and it seems impossible to believe that average lifespans are rising.  There are the obvious […]