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Day 4 ESC 2013 — Female gender and AF, patient selection for CRT and a Dutch cycling adventure

On the last day of ESC2013 I attended a press conference entitled Update in Rhythmology. The purpose was to highlight four rhythm-related studies released at ESC2103. The most noteworthy of the four abstracts involved gender-related issues in atrial fibrillation therapy. French researchers used a 1.6 million patient database (including 1200 French GPs) to come up […]

What’s Electrophysiology?

As a descriptive word, Electrophysiology sounds over-complicated.  When introducing myself to patients, I almost always refer to myself as a heart-rhythm specialist. Other doctors call us “EPs.” EP–a much easier name–is a branch of cardiology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. We do an extra year (or two) of training […]