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Let’s make our day harder — physically

This short video (4:02) comes from one on my favorite YouTube channels. I write on a whiteboard every office day. But I’m no Dr. Mike Evans. (@docmikeevans)

in this clip, the Canadian doctor explains a health behavior that Europeans seem much better at than most Americans.


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Yes, he has another video called 23 1/2 hours that is well worth watching also. We showed that one at a Department meeting several years ago. I will take a look at this one and see if I can get it on the agenda for the next meeting.

No. I can’t park farther away. I’m a woman, and I neither wish to walk through a parking lot or parkade, or park my car in that unmonitored spot where it’s more subject to break-ins. I also do not want to push a loaded cart further than I have to. Thanks. Please stop giving us health information that is about men.

P.S. Because …. gender. ….. You know?

The reason we need to be fair to Females in medical research et al, is not gender, but Sex, I know he’s painting by numbers on velvet.

It’s my Sex that has a uterus, a cervix and a vagina, and it’s my sex that gets cervical cancer and gets pregnant. Not my ‘gender’.

You didn’t even list Female in that last link of your heart-felt fairness.

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