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Build it and they will come…

Just when one can discover little good news in the health care reform dreariness, a text message comes from the hospital vice president overseeing cardiac care.  The hospital board has approved expansion of the current dated EP (electrophysiology) lab to two modern labs side by side.  Capital investments like this are not for the faint of heart.

They have listened, formed a business plan and decided to spend.  Years ago I served on this board and it is fair to say they are not the frivolous type.   Businessman they are who dwell in the community and observe the patients and read of their dismal cardiac health and that hospitals are likely to fair well in the upcoming reform.  Success in business also comes from mastering the obvious.

Congratulations I say.  Like a new carbon fibre bike inspires one to ride so will new labs inspire one to get busy doctoring.  Gone are the days when after the foot hits the xray pedal, the rats get on the wheel and seconds later with a cough the grainy image appears.