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Thursday in the Doctor’s Lounge…

You all recall the famous childrens book, If you give a mouse a cookie.
How about, If you give a doctor a Brownie.
This is the routine every Thursday.
A voice heard: “Hey Dr M, why don’t you ever eat the brownies.”
I did once. Couldn’t stop at just one. All’s good while eating, but not so much later.
Why else am I not tempted?
Imagery works for me. Doesn’t help with this…
or this…
Had a meeting in Heine Brothers tonight. Guess what greets you at the coffee counter….
Who eats that stuff? Maybe teens with turbo charged metabolisms.
Clearly high fructose corn syrup, processed white flour, sugar and saturated dairy fat are approaching the perils of smoking, drinking and texting while driving.
Presently, H1N1 seems more worrisome but statistics on deaths related to lifestyle related heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke in KY are staggering.
Ride on.

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John – Great post. We see this everyday as an insurer. H1N1 is important but will be a blip on the radar compared to the long term effects (lives, costs, etc) of America's obesity problem.

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