Cycling Stuff

Cool stuff you see riding the Park… Sometimes, way better than the trainer.

On one of the usual evening rides through Cherokee Park we noticed these kids atop Dog Hill.

All three were riding on this cart full gas down Dog Hill. We watched them and they made it. The descent was shockingly fast and scary. My 40+ year old body was cringing just watching.
Three thoughts came to mind when I saw this pic.
First, it is cool being out doors on the bike. The same easy spin could be had on the trainer, although, one doesn’t get to see crazy happy kids risking broken bones in the name of fun.
Secondly, the older guy watching the goofy kids characterizes the Highlands. It’s neat having 90 year old neighbors right next door to young kids. Staci and I started our adult life on a cul-de-sac filled with taupe 2 story houses that resembled a modern day row of Mr Pine’s purple houses. Not paying attention and you could easily pull into the wrong house. Not so, in the highlands. Maybe some remember the “world” guy. A few years back some dude was rolling a 15 foot globe down B-Town Road. Wished I was smart enough to snap a picture.
Finally, I wondered whether one of these kids might be my doctor someday?