Trials and Fibrillations Post up: St Jude Riata Lead Update

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If you have not already heard, there was more news (see on the troubled St Jude Medical Riata family of ICD leads. The high voltage leads were recalled in December of 2011 and estimates are that 79,000 remain implanted. Perhaps more problematic for the company is the structural similarity of its current ICD lead […]

New developments in St Jude Medical’s Riata lead failure

There is a big story out today in the small world of electrophysiology. I’ll try to give it a non-technical wide-angle view. My friend and fellow real world doctor, Dr. Jay Schloss from Cincinnati is at it again. Jay conitunes on his quest to give doctors and patients the most useable information possible on the […]

ICD recalls, Social Media and Preventing Heart Disease

I can’t possible write two posts tonight. Therefore, please consider this Cycling Wed post a mosaic. (I like that word, don’t you? Give me a break smarties.) Seriously… Today, my friend and fellow heart rhythm doctor Jay Schloss (Cincinnati) published this meticulous and well-balanced essay concerning the recent recall of St Jude Medical’s Riata defibrillator […]

Two messages taught by recent cardiac device recalls

Cardiac devices were in the news today. And you guessed it; the reports centered on problems. In this case the story includes dramatic visuals. The St Jude defibrillator wire, Riata, a commonly-used wire has been ‘recalled’ by the FDA because of electrical failures in at least 10% of cases. The dramatic part here includes the […]