Sound health advice from a celebrity?

Today was a great day.

There was a gratifying ablation, a silky-smooth BiV defibrillator implant, (evidenced-based of course), a few consults (always a few consults), and as a bonus, I even eked out some severe learning about the novel, though not yet approved, AF-drug, vernakalant.  (Any time you re-learn the ion channels of the cardiac action potential, you can call it severe learning.)

This productivity was no accident.  I felt wide-eyed, sharp and energetic–the sensations of a rested non-inflamed human.

And for that, I have the celebrity, Arianna Huffington and her 4:43 minute video to thank.  I saw this video at halftime of the BCS championship and decided to heed her advice, shut off the electronics, and go to sleep.

Sure, it is a tad embarrassing to admit that Arianna Huffington helped me.  But her sound advice on the benefits of sleep are worthy of emphasis.

Health information can get complicated; the trees can obscure the forest.

Ultimately though, our wellness–and for how long we remain well–depends on three self-controlled behaviors: how much we move, how little we eat, and how much we sleep.

Good health isn’t rocket science.

And not all celebrity health advice is like Jenny’s.

Good night.



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