Friday Reflection: What if ‘they’ start winning?

The chart reads, “here for 6-month AF ablation follow-up.” My eyes track first to the palpitations box. None. Then the ECG. Regular. Good. That’s a relief. Sweet! Knowing he was free of symptoms and in regular rhythm, I bounced into the room. “How are you?” He looked well. Observe. Always observing, us doctors. I just got […]

The power of positive feedback: Making the Top Docs list

It happened. My 21-year old cycling teammate called to give me the “good” news. I made it. Clayton said I could now call myself a Top Doc. After practicing medicine for 15 years in the little known sub-sub-specialty of cardiac electrophysiology, this was my first Top Docs mention. Of course, I know this non-evidenced based […]

An under-appreciated “specialty”

Today I would like to say thanks to a group of colleagues that too often go un-thanked. These would be my hospital-based internal medicine friends: hospitalists are what they are called. This idea came to me after reading Dr Robert Centor’s post on KevinMD. In his usual concise manner, he laments the lack of respect […]

Shouldn’t practice make a task easier?

When I started writing this blog 18 months ago, I did so on a whim. I enjoyed posting race reports on our bike team’s e-group. Writing in race-report vernacular, to an e-group of friends, made me laugh. There was zero pressure. Then, I learned about this thing called blogger. They had a ‘publish’ button, which […]